viernes, 11 de mayo de 2007

Pascuala • 10 Mayo • Cepillado

Mila cepillando a Pascuala.
Mila brushing Pascuala.

Como ya les había comentado anteriormente, a Pascuala se le hacen diariamente cepillados por toda su piel, para ayudar a eliminar las células muertas y acelerar la recuperación.

Es un placer tocarla ahora, su piel, casi en todas partes, se siente suave, no como al principio. ¿Recuerdan cómo estaba llena de cortes y rasguños?

As I commented before, Pascuala receives daily brushings in all of her skin, to help her heal and eliminate dead cells.

It's a pleasure to touch her now, her skin, almost everywhere, is smooth. Remember how she was at the begining, full of cuts and scratches?

Fotos: Jessica Soler • Mayo 10, 2007 • Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit

4 comentarios:

Megan (Endless Night) dijo...

She's so sweet. I wish I could to be with her, touch her. But I can't.

megan (endless night) dijo...

I want to ask you, if you let me poblish Pascuala's photos on my page ???

Escarlata Mix dijo...

Sigan adelante...

EJ dijo...

so mexico wont let her be moved to sea world... but would they let her move to another marine park where their are orcas? what r they going to do when she becomes HUGE!